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पिछले 6 महीनों से, नए कोरोनोवायरस की निमोनिया महामारी ने जियांगज़ी सेंट्रीफ्यूज सहित लाखों चीनी लोगों के दिलों को प्रभावित किया है।

समय: 2022-01-24 हिट्स: 22

For the past 6 months, the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus has affected the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese people, including the Xiangzhi centrifuge. Knowing the medical equipment in various places and their shortages, the leadership of Xiangzhi Centrifuge Company took the initiative to abandon the Spring Festival holiday, personally went to the workshop to work overtime, package and deliver, overcome all the hardships, in order to send the centrifuge to the frontline of the sniper for the first time. A difficult one, P Plus support. As a responsible and responsible enterprise, Xiangzhi Centrifuge is willing to do its utmost to provide strong centrifuge equipment protection for the front line of epidemic prevention and control, fight with the people of the whole country, and resolutely win the new coronavirus prevention and control battle.

In recent days, novel coronavirus infection has affected the hearts of millions of Chinese people, including the Xiangzhi centrifuge. Knowing that there is a shortage of medical equipment everywhere, the leadership of Xiangzhi centrifuge actively gave up the Spring Festival holiday, went to the workshop to work overtime, pack and deliver goods, overcome all difficulties, and only sent the centrifuge to the sniper line in the first time. One side has support from all sides. As a responsible and novel coronavirus, Xiangzhi centrifuge is willing to do everything possible to provide a strong centrifuge equipment guarantee for the epidemic prevention and control line, fight with the whole nation and resolutely win the battle of new coronavirus control and blocking.

Decap centrifuge is one of the centrifuge that can take off the cap of blood vacuum tube automatically in the process of centrifugation. Compared with the ordinary centrifuge, it can decap automatically, so it can raise working efficiency. Although only automatic cap removal is achieved, its technical content is quite high. It's hard to imagine that all the vacuum caps can be detached in the state of high-speed operation, and there can be no mixing of samples and failure of experiment.

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